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  • I loved this book! I am not someone who reads tons of books and I have been known to start and not finish them in the past!!! This was not the case with FOUR. (Goodreads)
  • Sylvie has a very vivid imagination which you will see for yourself when you read FOUR. (Goodreads)



The Books


The Prophecy of the Four

Prequel - Four Trilogy

Cover The Prophecy of the Four

Faithfull in her own unique style of storytelling with unforeseen twists and turns, Sylvie Filiatreault does not disappoint in keeping the reader captive within the pages of her new book. The Prophecy of the Four is a guaranteed roller coaster ride with an ending that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

This work of fiction is the prequel to the Four Trilogy series with many hidden clues as to the following books that span over thousands of years. It is a testament of Sylvie's love of suspense, intrigue and intricate imagination.


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Tome I - Four Trilogy

Cover Four

Four is Sylvie Filiatreault’s first novel to be published. Ten years in the making, this story line is like none other with four main characters in the forefront of this fast paced action filled plot taking place in a small village in medieval England.

With the understanding that the sisters known to be witches living in the woods were never to approach the village nor seek out any of the villagers, the elderly priest vowed to leave the women alone to live out a peaceful existence. But the arrival of a new priest upon the man’s death bodes trouble for the sisters who will stand before a vengeful man bent on afflicting pain and misery on the foursome for what was done to him. In one night, the fate of these women will be revealed and the real reason as to why the new clergy is hell bend on settling the score.


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Tome II - Four Trilogy

The much anticipated second book to be found in the Four trilogy is now available for the utmost pleasure of Sylvie Filiatreault’s readers. Left with the cliffhanger of what was to happen to Hope, the silver eyed newborn child left in the care of a hunter of souls as they escaped the madness of the clergy in Tome 1 of Four.

True to her own and unique style of storytelling, Sylvie once again takes her readers hostage in this fast paced whirlwind narrative that is Hope (The Bracha lives). Where the survival of the human spirit will severely be put to the test in the face of the brutal, destructive horrors unleashed by one man who will stop at nothing in chasing down Hope, in capturing the Bracha, in killing the last beacon of light that can save mankind.




Tome III - Four Trilogy