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  • I loved this book! I am not someone who reads tons of books and I have been known to start and not finish them in the past!!! This was not the case with FOUR. (Goodreads)
  • Sylvie has a very vivid imagination which you will see for yourself when you read FOUR. (Goodreads)




Ottawa Comiccon 2016

So this was my first ever Comiccon as an author and let me tell you... What a phenomenal experience! To anyone, who is a self declared geek (like me), who has ever hesitated to be apart of such an event and are thinking of going. STOP THINKING AND GO! The atmosphere is like nothing that I have ever seen. Anyone and everyone is accepted with no judgement. You can talks about Star Wars for an hour with other people without them batting an eyelash. Why? Because its a gathering of fans who love to discuss their favorite shows and characters. I had a HUGE conversation about Agents of Shield the show with a group of people. You would think we were planning the next Pentagon strategy.

And you never know who you will stop by to have a chat. I almost fainted on the spot when actor John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings / Indiana Jones) stopped in front of my booth (as seen on my Facebook pictures). And in my excitement forgot to give him my books. When I told my editor (on the phone) about meeting him. His one comment stop me short: Did you give him your books? Well...lets just say a sailor would have turned red from my colorful choice of words while I banged my hand against a wall. But, to the rescue, my assistant Gabrielle went off into the abyss of the Comiccon floor to find him and give him my books. Therefore Mission accomplished!

I will be counting the days until I go back next year!

Ottawa Comiccon 2016

Ottawa Comiccon 2016

Ottawa Comiccon 2016

John Rhys Davies - Ottawa Comiccon 2016

© Sylvain Lemieux, 2016

 May 13-15, 2016