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  • I loved this book! I am not someone who reads tons of books and I have been known to start and not finish them in the past!!! This was not the case with FOUR. (Goodreads)
  • Sylvie has a very vivid imagination which you will see for yourself when you read FOUR. (Goodreads)



Hope / Update

Posted 12/15/2015

Anyone, who knows me well, will tell you that I strongly believe in a higher power greater than ourselves...and that he/she has a most twisted sense of humor. Just when you think everything is going according to your ''agenda''. They throw a monkey wrench in your well ordained schedule without giving you a heads up.

Well my second book entitled Hope in the Four trilogy was one of those monkey wrench's sent my way with a note; go back and rework the entire script! We don't care that its almost finished.

Why? Because of the Prophecy of the Four (the prequel: Aniel's story) was born from speaking with readers wanting to know more about the ghost named Aniel who seemed to know more than he let on in the first book; Four. The story line of the Prophecy of the Four, compelled me to take a closer look at Aniel's character and realised he played a much bigger role in all of the Four trilogy.

I apologize dearly to all of the readers waiting on the next book, trust me no one more than I wants to see it finished. I will keep you posted with news and updates on Hope throughout the writing process. (Thank you for being patient with me).