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  • I loved this book! I am not someone who reads tons of books and I have been known to start and not finish them in the past!!! This was not the case with FOUR. (Goodreads)
  • Sylvie has a very vivid imagination which you will see for yourself when you read FOUR. (Goodreads)



The birth of Four

Four is so much more than just a book for me

Four sisters, Four witches, Four executions, Four different deaths came to be at a very low point in my life. My mother, my number one fan was in her last months of life due to a very long illness. I had a job as a customer service agent that I hated. Money was always in very short supply. In a nutshell it pretty much sucked to be me back then. I can look back on it now and say; thank god for the infusion of this creative spark that came to be the book.

Some people laughed at the idea of me doing such a thing while others snickered and shook their heads. I didn't care, once the characters came to life in my mind's eye I became a woman with a purpose. I had to write this book or I would die trying. It became my lifeline, my soul purpose for being here in a time when I saw no future at all. My mother was the first person to whom I told my story to and we made a packed that day.

I was going to give everything I got to get it published and she was going to raise hell in heaven making sure I received all the extra help I needed to do get the job done. We both kept our end of the bargain because ten years later, my story was published and through out my journey amazing people came into my life to help in realising my dream.

Four is so much more than just a book for me. It is the confirmation that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to; that I do have what it takes to be who it is I wish to be. And that is something no one can take away from me.